Bewildering Stories’
Second Anniversary Issue
a.k.a. the BisonSentinel

Issue 104

Readers’ Guide: What’s in issue 104

Second Anniversary Retrospective: issues 53-60

Novel Tala Bar, Gaia, chapter 4: The Lake
  Part III, conclusion
Novella euhal allen, The Bridge, part III, installment 2
Serials Gregory Hansen, Adverse Selection, conclusion
Lou Antonelli, I Got You, part 1
Ian Donnell Arbuckle, Goodbye, Grand Mother
Thomas R., Feature and Trailer
Sherry Gray Smith, God’s Epiphany
Poetry Steven Utley, The Condensed History of Humankind
Articles Deep Bora, Beyond Death, part 1
Mark Koerner, From Esperanto to ET:
  Artificial Languages in the Internet Era
Essay Steven Utley, Welcome to the Future
Don Webb reviews Jane Jacobs’ Dark Age Ahead


Challenge Challenge 104: The Value of the Constant c
Letters Ian Donnell Arbuckle tells the history of...
  “Goodbye, Grand Mother”
Steven Utley explains that Words is My Life
The Reading
Jerry Wright reviews...
  Steven Erikson’s Gardens of the Moon
  and other assorted books (James Curtis, Cataclysm,
  Dave Kuzminski, Red Wing: Dragon from Venus,
  Neal Stephenson, Quicksilver)
Editorial What’s Going On?
Issue 103, corrected link:
  Michael J A Tyzuk, Society for the P. of C. A.
News Old Home Week

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