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Second Anniversary Retrospective: issues 53-60

The editors and readers look back fondly on Bewildering Stories’ year II and list titles they think will be of special interest to newcomers. The selections are listed alphabetically by author in each category. Every title is a link.

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Novels, Novellas, Serials
Short Stories
Flash Fiction
Fictional Articles, Alternate History
Non-Fiction, Special Features
Novels, Novellas, Serials
Only the initial installments are referenced unless they did not appear in consecutive issues.
Deep Bora, Neptune Spies
Rick Combs, The Lady’s Painting
Roberto Sanhueza, Katts and Dawgs;
  Katts, Dawgs and Mysse
Michael J A Tyzuk, The Dilemma
Short Stories
Tala Bar, Venus
Randy Beck, Ambitions of a Restless People
Rick Combs, The Leader
Thomas A. Easton, Passing the Duck
Paul Gross, Shamans of Anjikuni
John “Lerk” Hancock, Slush-o-Matic
Steven Francis Murphy, Desdae’s Vapors
Alex Shternshain, If a Tree Falls in Space
Alex Shternshain, Who Wants to Live Forever?
Thomas Lee Joseph Smith, Back to Basics
John Thiel, Varlets of the Virtual Moon
Don Webb, Welcome to the Afterlife
Flash Fiction
Lou Antonelli, Drive Friendly Thomas R., Steps and Remembrances
Jason A., Faceless Perceptions
Sasha Gorelik, Emancipation Dream
Thomas R., Antediluvian Antwerp
Thomas R., His Acid Snow
Roberto Sanhueza, If I Were a Werewolf
Don Webb, Mars Draws Near
Fictional Articles, Alternate History
Thomas R. reviews Sarah Hester’s The Silent One
John Thiel, Does DNA Mean “Do Not Answer”?
Non-Fiction, Special Features
Norman A. Rubin, The Secret of the Golden Tiara
Thomas R. and Don Webb, Some Questions and Answers about The Other World
Don Webb, Afterword to Cyrano de Bergerac’s The Other World

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A Retrospective for issues 61-70 will appear in issue 105.

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