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Poems on Cosmic Themes

by Steven Utley

Elemental Emotion

As durable as
diamond is my love — well,
carbon in some form.

Dammit, Mars

We gave up
our Martians;
now give up
your secrets!

Top Scientists Discern Cosmic Trend

The cosmos’ chief
is toward

A Concise History of the Universe

The Big Bang was the primal pop:
stuff expanded. Will it stop?
We’ve no way of truly knowing
whether it will keep on growing
or collapse into a bunch
and vanish in a Little Crunch.

If there’s insufficient matter,
it’s the first, and not the latter.
Either way, we needn’t worry;
it won’t happen in a hurry;
long before the cosmos ceases,
we’ll be subatomic pieces.

Copyright © 2004 by Steven Utley

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