Bewildering Stories


Sherry Gray

An erotic journey into the secret heart of a jello mold

Pink and quivering, the irresistible mound spread before him uncovered, impatiently awaiting his first questing explorations. He touched the firm surface lightly with a fingertip, causing a small interior quake. Gently, so as not to damage the delicate tissue, he ran his finger down its moist surface and into the pool of liquid that had collected at its base. His raised his finger to his mouth and licked the thick liquid off his tongue, delighting in the first sweet taste.

Anticipation made his hand shake as he gently parted the willing flesh of the mound with his spoon. Capturing just a small amount, he brought it slowly to his lips, watching it twitch and shake in his eager grasp. He savored the feel of cool sliding smooth over his fevered lips. He did not swallow at once, but held it in his mouth, allowing the warmth from his body to melt the succulent morsel, coating his tongue with thick sweet flavor. when it was all gone, he swallowed regretfully and eased his tool again into the patient crevice, drawing another heady mouthful. The slippery texture fascinated him and he could not resist inserting the tip of his finger into the center of his delight. Instantly, the gelid substance closed around his finger, trapping it in gentle bounds, sensual against the sultry heat of the tiny New York apartment. The feel of the chill soft prison around his rigid finger excited him, and he callously plunged his spoon once more into the willing opening. Still, he was not sated by his conquest. Something was missing, some small satisfaction. Ah, he thought reflectively, I need a bigger spoon.

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