Issue 1

Jaugustuly 2002


Finite Timestream by Eco Fantastik


Fergus Fungus and the Reality Link by Vedgy Tarien

Short Stories

Malarath by Eric S. Brown
Stuck to the Eternal Freeze Plate, I Fly by Ergon Blockhead
Lawn Nazis, Hostages and Dating in the Suburbs — Welcome to My World by Sherry Gray
Jellorotica by Sherry Gray
The Essence by Gehenna Inferno
The Dread by William W.
The Winnowing by Thomas R.
And Eternity in an Hour by Thomas R.


Insect Warriors in the Hall of Interdimensional Transport by Dave Chico


The Solar Experiment by William W.
The Were-Platypus by Thomas R.
Fall of the House of Escher by Thomas R.
Afterwards by Thomas R.
Plankton Conversations by B. Wylldring-Staureez
The Poem Never Written by Anonymous Bosch


The True Nature of Time by Polyethylene Polymer Avenger-Scientist XXXVII
Interview with the Master: J. Doe by C.D. Romm


What Did You Say Won the Hugo? by Alkaline Spudwort


Editorial: Ack, the Kind of Crappie-Carp Hybrid We Call Slush by The Invincible Spud
Editorial: And Now, a Word from Our Publisher by The Bottle Washer
Editorial: O Denizen, Live a Little! by The Conceptual Director
Jaugustuly 2002 Letters

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