The Long Dark Road to Wizardry

by Richard K. Lyon

table of contents

Book I: Wolves at the Wedding Feast
  1. Druin’s Heritage
  2. To Do Murder, part 1; part 2
  3. Satisfying Honor With Blood, part 1; part 2
  4. Cry Uncle!
Book II: What Was Found in the Cellar
  1. A Dangerous Inheritance
  2. Mounted Combat on a Wooden Horse
  3. The Undead Book
Book III: The Wind at World’s End
  1. The Dark Lady
  2. Wind Wolves, part 1; part 2
Book IV: The Whispering Mirror
  1. Crossbows at the Hour of the Dog
  2. A Duel to the Death Every Day for a Month
  3. The Price of a City
  4. A Game of Cat and Rat, part 1; part 2
  5. The Wrong Cat
  6. Human Again
  7. Ceremony of Fire and Death
  8. An Inheritance of Duels, part 1; part 2
Book V: The Three Dreams
  1. Since You Have Interrupted My Breakfast,
    How Do You Plan to Leave Here Alive?
  2. The Third Dream, a Dream Without Waking
Book VI: The Puppet’s War
  1. A Deadly Reflection
  2. Can I Trust the Man Who’s Holding
    a Sword to my Throat?
  3. Through the Black Door
  4. The Marchers of Darkness
  5. The Puppet
  6. Moment of Decision
  7. Six Black Doors
  8. The Voice in the Flame
  9. Hell Come to Supper

[Author’s note]
Portions of this novel previously appeared in
Swords Against Darkness 5. Zebra Books, 1979;
and Ares, May 1980 and July 1980.