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Patrick Fisher White

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My name is Patrick Fisher White. I am a story-teller by trade, a vagabond by design, and a sailor in the US Navy by necessity. During my life I have traveled the beaches of Australia, the hills of Virginia, and the streets and alleyways of Spain.

I have never officially attended college, but unofficially am welcomed on several campuses around the country. I read two genre books a week and never give a second thought to the supposed “real-world” around me. I have supported myself in all things through the clever application of misdirection, and copious luck. I am a licensed minister, and a teacher of Spanish knife fencing.

My work is strongly influenced by the pulp giants of the early 21st century as well as modern-day marvels such as Neil Gaiman and China Mieville. I also read many, many comic books and enjoy action films more than I should.

I firmly believe that the devil is in the details, and that no good story can be told without him.

Here’s a link to my new website.

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