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Most of my humor is about the strange. I’m writing a story now for Cricket Magazine called “The Legling and the Mwark.” The title alone says it all. There is no particular or favorite subject I write about. I wrote a very short story called “My Big Flapping Lips,” which was about a boy who had to play the tuba or his lips would not stop flapping. This was published in The Storyteller.

My background in computers is as such: an A.A.S as a Microcomputer Specialist and a B.B.A. in Computer Information Systems. I have six years experience as a Computer Operator, working on most operating systems, software, peripheral devices, networks, and the Internet.

As far as computers and their influence on libraries, you can now check online to see if a book is available and to check it out. The Internet will allow the public to go further in the future. You might be able to download a book or document or go further in retrieval. Right now there are computers at all libraries that allow easy access to materials at that library and elsewhere. The most important matter for libraries is in archiving materials and bringing materials online.

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A Wild, Ill-Tempered, Bowlegged Woman: parts 1, 2, 3

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