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If Bob Welbaum has a talent, it has something to do with the English language. After a twenty-year career in the U.S. Air Force, Bob worked for Tomart Publications in Moraine, Ohio for fifteen years as a book and magazine editor. His Tomart projects included Justice for Disney, the autobiography of animator/Imagineer Bill Justice, Tomart's Price Garage Sale Gold, Tomart's Value Guide to Disney Animation Art, and being Managing Editor of Tomart's DISNEYANA Update magazine.

Bob has recently published Stores: Short and Strange, featuring his tales on BewilderingStories plus ten others. He has also written the children's books: The Cactus Who Wanted to Be a Christmas Tree (Gypsy Publications, 2014), The Boy Who Could Wiggle His Ears (Gypsy Publications, 2018), and Sunny and Victor: Best Friends Forever, plus Some Poems About Life (30, actually): Gems of Wit & Wisdom.

Bob's latest project has been a three-volume young adult mystery, A Doll Comes To Visit, A Doll Stays, and A Doll Leaves. A fifth-grade girl comes home from school to find a doll on the front porch. The doll looks like her, is dressed like her, and there is something about the eyes. Who left it? Why is it there? And what makes this doll so special?

His books are available on in both paperback and Kindle versions, (selected titles), and at his website,, which also serves as his blog.

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