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Omar E. Vega

Bewildering Stories biography

Omar Vega is a Chilean computer engineer with a M.Sc. in computer science. Happily married and the father of three children, two of whom are Chileans and the other Canadian, he lives in Santiago de Chile and works in computers. He has published several articles in both Spanish and English, and this is his first try in fiction. He lived in Canada for five years as a immigrant, where he managed to learn English to the degree that he now assumes he can write tales in the language of Shakespeare!

He enjoys reading every book that falls into his hands, of all fields in both the sciences and humanities with a special preference for modern physics, genetics and history. Writing is his hobby. He dreams of becoming a professional writer some day; hopefully during this life, and if he can convince an editor...

Copyright © 2004 by Omar E. Vega

Bewildering Stories bibliography

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The Hand of God, part 1; part 2

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