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Husband, father of five, author. Steve has been writing on and off for many years when he can find the scant minutes to sit down and type. Over the last two years he has been working on a novel, “Mortal Death,” that is a fantastical science fiction story dealing with mankind being given the gift (curse?) of immortality. The first chapter, “Bonsai,” was published by A Cruel World.

At this moment in time (8-2006) he has finished the first draft and is painfully bleeding through the editing process. Formally titled, “Mortal Death: Chronicles of The Collected, Volume One,” the novel is a launch pad for a very epic adventure into mankind’s deep future.

Steve found out that there is a terrific irony while attempting to write a novel; all sorts of really cool ideas and stories come to mind as one focuses on a specific project. So, while writing “Mortal Death,” Steve also wrote quite a few short stories. Many of those are currently being shopped around, and he tries to keep at least eight stories floating in the ether of publishing limbo at any given time.

And to add to the madness, Steve started up his own blog over a year ago and has watched it grow from a mere 200 hits a month to over 40k. He attribues the success of his blog to the fact that he writes about how his family (did he mention 5 children?) and his saintly-patient, beautiful wife keep him firmly anchored as he attempts to find success in writing while working a full-time job and various freelance jobs, and of course, getting to the soccer games, high-school football games, volleyball... you get the idea.

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