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Bewildering Stories

Thomas R.

Bewildering Stories Bibliography

Titles are listed chronologically by genre.

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Reviews and Letters
Short Stories Alternate History
And Eternity in an Hour
The Winnowing
Hot Cocoa with Catherine N.
Become Part of the Future!
The Sun’s Anger and the Lonely People
The First Thanksgiving
The List
Looking Forward Over a Life
A Bright Year’s Journey into Darkness
Sap Sap Town
Small Steps
Courtship on Mars
Holy Bowlers
A Life of Strange Miracles
Marie’s Blue Escape
Judy in Skye part 1, part 2
Movies from Another Universe
At the Alternate Academies
A History of Leperchaun Civilization
The 3002 Hugo Nominees
Interview with Maria Etxea
Sarah Hester’s The Silent One
Obituary for Ellen Stockton
Anti-geria: profiles 1-2
Anti-geria: profile 3
Anti-geria: profile 4
What’s New at the 2096 Olympics
A History of Starling Stories
Triumphant Futures
The Ways of the Genjikan: Eating, Drinking, and Merrymaking
The Ways of the Genjikan: Boys, Girls, and What They Become
Faith of Our Mothers: Five Religions Founded by Women or Feminine Entities
The War of the Triple Maries and Its Aftermath
Cinema Series
Steps and Remembrances
St. Swithin's Day
The World Made Wonderful

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Fall of the House of Escher
The Were-Platypus
Flight of the Observer
Green Mountain Republic
An Ouzel’s Revenge
The Mountain Girl
Soldiers of Heaven Came
Still I Raced to the Blessed Land
Black Rain
And Come the Swift, a New World
The Island of the Moon
Mountains of Heaven
On Returning to a Bristle Cone
Hell Is the Abundance of Shod
Rat Star
The Losing
Illusions of You
Woman Facing an Abyss
Tempus Fugate
The House That Gouda Built
Ship Upon an Unending Ocean
Five Poems on a theme
In the Circle Time
Would You
Watching Eras Slip By
Above it All
Belatedness Seven Seasons
Across the Void
Antediluvian Antwerp
The Dragon King
His Acid Snow
The Cloudless Sky
Pack Your Bags, Mr. Li
Ancestors’ Night
An Egg
The Moon, My Mother
The Strange Monument of a Dead World
King Boris and the Queen of the Skies
Lines Composed Many Light Years Above Westminster Abbey
Reviews, Letters
Three Reviews:
Jack Williamson, The Legion of Time
Alfred Bester, The Stars My Destination
Robert Silverberg, Dying Inside

Around the World and Beyond:
SF from Four Different Nations
Russia: A. & B. Strugatski, Roadside Picnic
  and Tale of the Troika
China: SF from China
Scotland: Naomi Mitchison,
  Memoirs of a Spacewoman
U.S.A.: R. A. Lafferty, 900 Grandmothers

Edgar Pangborn, Davy

Science, Fiction and Soul:
Barrington J. Bayley, The Soul of the Robot
Guy Consolmagno, Brother Astronomer

Wonder Kids in Science Fiction:
J. D. Beresford, The Hampdenshire Wonder
Edgar Pangborn, A Mirror for Observers

Letters: 33

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