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by Samuel Ferri

All my stories come from personal experience, even when I write sci-fi. “The I-V Therapy Coffee Shop” began one day when Justin Sight, the magician, was at my house. He was having a bad cough, so I told him he had to take care of himself. Although he was unconcerned, I said, “I don’t want you to die here. You’re so tall, your body wouldn’t fit in my closet.” After that, I imagined hiding his body in my apartment.

That night, I had a dream that Michael Carbonaro, the magician from the TV show The Carbonaro Effect, had a collection of mummies of Justin that came to life. The idea for the I-V therapy followed and, for that reason I dedicated the story to them.

As a second-language speaker, I had to review and edit my stories several times. I’m very grateful to Justin, Donald Webb, Nan Frydland, Sam Ferry, Winfred Keith Davis, Emma Komlos-Hrobosky, John Reed and my classmates from John Reed’s workshops for their editorial comments.

At the moment, I’m a volunteer attorney for the Southern Immigrant Freedom Initiative, where I’m handling two asylum cases in conjunction with a friend of mine. I hope this experience will also feed my imagination. We, all immigrants, are living in difficult times, but our best therapy is our own imagination. It works like magic. Voilà!

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