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Bewildering Stories

Wayne C. Peake, Jr.

Bewildering Stories biography

Wayne Peake spent his early childhood in the small town of Trout Lake on the edge of the Hiawatha National Park. It was and is a beautiful place, surrounded by cedar swamp and dense forest. Moss grows thick on rock walls and boulders that were exposed or left behind by the moment glaciers across this land. No forest giants remain here; everyone was harvested to supply the needs of young country with growing pains. It is a land of contrasts where sand dunes are cut from high hills and gulls from the great lakes drift and swoop in the high winds.

He went to a one-room schoolhouse in this little town, and played alone in the car junkyard and the abandoned sawmill that sat near the little white trailer that was his home. Perhaps it was these things that stirred his youthful imagination and made of him a dreamer... and thus an artist.

Copyright © 2007 by Wayne C. Peake, Jr.

Bewildering Stories bibliography

Prose Fiction
The Devil’s Pen (in 2 parts)
The Shades of Willow’s Creek (in 2 parts)

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