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E. V. Neagu does not like speaking about himself in the third person, so he will rapidly transition to the first person and tell you that I have been an all too casually ambitious writer for lo these last seven years. Although I have written several stories, a novel, and a screenplay, “The Circumstances Concerning Hilbert” is only my second published piece of fiction — the first I’ve known about, strangely.

In addition, earlier this year a political essay appeared in, although it seems to have vanished. Other than that, I just discovered a story I wrote at, which I am very happy to discover.

Because writing does not sustain me, I work as a civil engineer. Because working does not fulfill other interests, I volunteer for “A Council for the Parliament of World’s Religions,” Shambhala Meditation Training, Save the Dunes Council, and to do the dishes after dinner. The M.A. is from The University of Chicago and the B.S. is from Purdue. I welcome feedback.

Thank you for your interest in my fiction.

Copyright © 2009 by E. V. Neagu

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