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Stephen J. McKenzie

Bewildering Stories biography

S. J. (Steve) McKenzie is a fantasy author of varied interests, none of them involving macho swordsmen or wise old men with beards.

His fantasy quartet, The Mirror of Seasons, concerns colonialism and the clash of magical cultures.

He is also the author of the Blue Men, Green Women series of retellings of Gaelic folklore. Nine of these have so far been published by Bewildering Stories. Several of these have been listed in the Quarterly and Annual review sections of Bewildering Stories.

Steve currently lives in Papua New Guinea until 2013. See for details.

Copyright © 2009, 2012 by Stephen J. McKenzie

Bewildering Stories bibliography

Prose Fiction
The Green Woman of Kittlerumpit
Fresh Blood and Feathers:
Great Hand
The Blue Men of the Minch
The Smith and the Water-Horse
The Cripple and the Brollochan
The Cat-Witch of Laggan
The Gruagach and the Milk Stone

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