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Julian Lawler

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Julian Lawler III
9615 Sims Dr. #75
El Paso, TX 79925
brokentrees @

Objective: Seeking a full time position with Barnes and Nobles where my education and experience will be utilized.

The University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP)
Bachelor of Fine Arts in English (Creative Writing Option)
Expected: May 2006
Relevant Courses
Expository English Composition
Research and Critical Writing
Introduction to American Fiction (Women’s Studies)
Introduction to Poetry
American Literature to 1860
British Literature I & II
Introduction to Creative Writing
Screenwriter, Los Angeles, CA, various companies, 2001 - 2003
Wrote screenplay for assistant story editor at New Line Cinema
Made contacts based on comic book properties
Treatment was proposed to Twilight Zone at UPN by Stars Agency
Proposed to Marvel Comics as head writer for Star Wars series by Literary and Creative Artists
Broken Tree Publications, El Paso, TX
Editor-in-Chief/Owner, 2000 - present
First comic book company to be distributed nationally that is based out of El Paso
Solicited over fourteen titles
Edited artwork and scripts for publications
Oversaw the final details before printing
Headed national marketing program
Created an advertising and promotion budget
Managed all contracts and budgets
Sold over 30,000 copies of comic books
Santa Fe Communications, Burbank, CA
Writer and Developer, 2000
Headed the writing department for a television show
Organized the overall production of the show
Worked closely with producers and directors
Worked on location
Established important and key relationships
Volunteer, Project Verdad, El Paso, TX
Experience: Volunteer, 1991
Organized Community clean-ups
Worked on elderly homes that needed repairs
UTEP Activities Center
Volunteer, El Paso, TX
Organized events for the University, 1994
Founded the annual Minerpalooza concert event
Booked bands to play at UTEP’s Wednesday Music Cafe
Tumbleweeds Project, El Paso, TX
Lecturer, 1997
Gave seminars of writing
Held lectures on writing poetry
Organized a city-wide poetry slam
Familiar with Microsoft Works
Can use Adobe Photoshop proficiently
Excellent knowledge of Microsoft Word
Some use in Adobe Illustrator
Power Point
[Addresses and phone numbers available on request to Mr. Lawler. — Ed.]
Sarah Vilchez, CPA
El Paso, TX
Jeff Katz
Assistant Story Editor
New Line Cinema
Los Angeles, CA 90210
Roque Segura
Director of the Small Business Development Center
El Paso, TX

Copyright © 2004 by Julian Lawler III

Bewildering Stories bibliography

The Prophet of Dreams
  1. Most Beloved Son
  2. Allies of the Dead Queen
  3. Three Wolves
  4. Seal The City
  5. The Wounds of Defeat
  6. Lord Noral Keeps His Counsel
  7. Between Wall and Shadows
  1. Opportunity Amid Destruction
  2. A Battle and a Preference
  3. The Forest of Shadows
  4. Healing and Dread
  5. 13. Wolfgang, Wolf
    16. Checkmate
Battle Seer
  1. The Memorial
  2. The Green Jewel
  3. A Secret Untold
  4. The Daemon of Light
  5. Secrets Revealed
  6. The Rune Man
  7. The Color and Shape of a World;
      part 2 ; part 3
  8. A Matter of Duty ; part 2
  9. The Hills of Fae ; part 2 ; part 3
  10. A Vision of Death
  11. First Blood Drawn
  1. Hunter of Wolves
  2. A Haunting Realization
  3. Death of a Seer
  4. The Journey to Corinn Ada
  5. The Search for Romen Garrenson
  6. Steward Argenal
  7. Mystery of the Two Notes
  8. Ghost Seeker
  9. Relics of the Past
  10. The Hundredth Knight
  11. A Knife in the Foot
  12. The Bully’s Pet

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