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At birth, Luke’s massive cranium cracked his mother’s tailbone. She was eventually able to sit again, though Luke remained a more metaphorical pain in her arse for years to come. As for Luke, critics suggest that he may have suffered permanent brain damage from the incident, and never had the chance to be “normal.”

These critics are fools. In his 29 years, Luke has revealed brilliance and acumen far beyond the standard capabilities of his hominid species. After the hominids conquered their paltry ball of mud in the far corner of the galaxy, many became resigned to being trapped there until the advent of seemingly impossible FTL travel.

Luke Jackson Not Luke. Luke knows what we all know: that space-time is but an illusion, concocted by the Grand Malefactor to mislead and preoccupy the hominids. Luke uses this knowledge to slip and slide between dimensions, but his travelogues of these interdimensional travels have only been accepted for publication in science fiction magazines.

Strangely, Luke also holds a Juris Doctorate from the UCLA School of Law, a Bachelor of Arts in Literature from UC Santa Cruz, and somehow became member number 230084 of the State Bar of California. He presently lives with his wife Padma and two-year-old son Dylan Siddhartha in Los Angeles.

Luke’s published stories include:

“The Fragile,” Ethereal Gazette, Issue Four (available at
“Towards a New Ontology,” Bewildering Stories, April 2006
“The Liberal Intelligentsia,” Alienskin, February-March 2006
“War Thrash,” Ultraverse, November 2005
“Reduction Descending,” Electric Velocipede, Issue 12
“No Pets,” Scifantastic, Issue 5

Copyright © 2006 by Luke Jackson

Bewildering Stories bibliography

Prose Fiction Poetry
Towards a New Ontology (in 2 parts)
Inside the Artists’ Colony (in 2 parts)
Trade Secrets (in 3 parts)
War Thrash (in 2 parts)
You Are Alien
The Fragile (in 2 parts)
The Spinning Pinwheel Flame War, part 1; parts 2-4;
    parts 5-6; parts 7-9; parts 10-11, parts 12-13
Ekpyrosis (in 2 parts)
You Bright and Risen Apes

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