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Ilan Herman

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Ilan Herman is a carpenter who lives in the Sierra foothills and is raising his 12-year old daughter. The only time he’s at complete peace is when he’s skydiving, at one with Ferocious Wind and almost defying gravity.


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Gravedigger, Casperian Books, April, 2010 (novel)
Lord of the Cats, Wild Child Publishing, Fall, 2010 (novella)
Impulse, Wild Child Publishing, Fall, 2010 (novella)
Chan Kim, Savant Books, 2011 (novel)
Dilemma, An Honest Lie publishing, 2009 anthology (short story)

Short stories in magazines:

“Gold Rush” and “Screw” in The Write Place at the Write Time
“The Package” in the webzines Planet Mag and Freedom Journal
“The Medic” in Loquacious Placemat
“Fly on the Wall” in Cantaraville and The Daedalus Review
“Playing God” and “The Confession” in Full of Crow
“Mama’s Always Right” in Gold Dust

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Seven Degrees of Bogus (serial)

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