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Michael Hanson is a former Army brat, former film major and former lifeguard who lives in New Jersey, edits technical journals for engineers, collects impressionist oil paintings, and watches the tv show Futurama way too much.

“The Night Jaunt of F. P. Willenby” is very special to the author. It is an all-out tribute to his two favorite horror authors, H.P. Lovecraft and F. Paul Wilson. And he says that “White Veins” was “a real torture to write in that it exorcised quite a few emotional demons in its creation and pretty accurately described my then frustration in learning a new Unix-based editing platform. Rest assured, however, that I hold my fellow Employees, and Superiors, in the highest, ummmm... regard.”

His work has been accepted by:

The House of Pain
Another Realm
Alien Skin Magazine
Dark Fire Fiction
Planet Magazine
The Harrow
Schrodinger’s Mouse
Wild Violet Magazine

Copyright © 2004 by Michael Hanson

Bewildering Stories bibliography

[Editors’ note: Michael Hanson’s stories have had to be withdrawn upon the advice of the author’s literary agent. We regret the agent’s advice but wish the author the best of luck in publishing his works.]
Prose Fiction
The Night Jaunt of F. P. Willenby (withdrawn at a publisher’s request)
White Veins

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