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Bryce V. Giroux

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Bryce Giroux photo I was born in Toronto, Ontario. Being the son of a provincial police officer, I moved around a lot in my childhood; from Northern Ontario to rural Southwestern Ontario. As a child, I was admonished by my teachers, and admired by my peers for my vivid imagination. When I discovered the ability to put pen to paper, it was only natural that my imagination would flow to the page. Ever since I could remember, “What might be” had always allured me, and my love for fantasy grew at an early age. I also possess a dark side, and enjoy penning tales of terror as well as tales of escapism.

I currently live in Kitchener, Ontario with my wife, and my 20-month old daughter, and soon-to-be second child. I work the night shift, and take what quiet time I have during the day and the evenings to write.

Copyright © 2006 by Bryce V. Giroux

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Prose Fiction
Shadows of Forever, parts 1-3; parts 4-6
Dead Simple (in 2 parts)

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