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Phillip Donnelly

Bewildering Stories biography

Phillip Donnelly grew up in Dublin, has travelled widely and is currently living in Hong Kong, but he is hoping to move to another planet at the earliest opportunity.

He has unsuccessfully searched for life from outer space in classrooms and staffrooms in the following countries: Spain, China, Russia, Thailand, Dubai, Sri Lanka, France, the Lebanon, Vietnam, and Oman. To aid his escape, he has started writing science fiction to attract the attention of alien life forms, thus far without success.

Phillip has written four books of humorous travel writing, two novellas and three novels. Rebel ePublishers released Letters from the Ministry, an office satire, in 2013, and will bring Kev the Vampire back to life in 2014. Kev first appeared as a serialised novella on Bewildering Stories.

A free collection of Phillip’s short stories is available for download. Seven of the stories were first published on BwS and the rest appeared on other websites. The book, Boots, also includes extracts from the author’s travel writing and novels. Visit the author’s Amazon page or Rebel E-Publishers site.

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