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Bewildering Stories

Charles C. Cole

Bewildering Stories biography

Charlie Cole loved his undergraduate years at a small, rural Maine college. In the summer of 2011, he “awoke” much older, when he noticed the Internet had made publishing so much more accessible.

Charlie Cole lives with his family in Maine on land passed down by his great-great grandfather. He has been previously published in alongstoryshort, The Blue Crow, The Sandy River Review, The Café Review, Black Petals and has had a short play accepted by the Maine Playwrights Festival.

Copyright © 2011, 2012, 2014 by Charles C. Cole

Bewildering Stories bibliography

Prose Fiction and Non-Fiction
A Locket With a Past
A Visitor in the Night
Company Business
A Long Way Home
Julia’s Hellmark Card
The Cryptid in the Break Room
The Abduction Chronicles
The Koenig Incident
The Cat Who Came in From the Rain
The Kindness of Strangers
Symptoms of a New Age
A Lesser Immortal
That Damned Creak
Behind the Clerk’s Smile
The Most Powerful Emotion
Final Gifts
Speed Hating
Hitchhiking Memories
Mothers and Son
The Last Victory
Undead Rendezvous
Franklin Figgy Pudding Pierce
Remembering Bootcamp
The Bitter Dead
Ledgework, A Tale of Two Jumpers
A Cosmic Appeal
A Brief Public Rest
A Portable Childhood
The Dungeon Keeper’s Mission
Cemetery Blues
The Last Words of Frank Spooner
This Means Warma Life, Interrupted
Alien Abduction Abduction
Dumb Mowers
Channeling Dad
To the Devil His Due
The Platonic Friends Society
Mars Minus Two
Let Him Eat Cake
Rare Dining
Vermouth and Cigarettes
Prospecting on Island X
The Bitter Living
Science Comes Calling
Answering the Call
A Message Served Cold
Everybody Wins
Something More for Winter
Dwight Janko Saves the Human Race
A Short History of the Secular Church
Dealing With the Little Things
The Call from Mountainview Road
A Grampa’s Tale
Until Next Time
Neighbors at the Gates
Fire Fly
Hart 2.0
Sisters of Promise
A Personal Investigation
The All-In Game
Deegan Meets Jell-O Man
Happee Halloween
Near Isleboro
Happy Transition Day
Brother Jacinto’s Mission
A Way to Win
Releasing Shirley

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