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Bewildering Stories

Wallace W. Cass, Jr.

Bewildering Stories biography

Wallace Cass’s life has always revolved around music and writing, even when life has diverted his path on occasion. He grew up in a Navy family, traveled around the U.S., played in a homegrown rock band as a teen, and spent way too many years playing and working with computers and electronics.

“I write what I know. If I don’t know it, I learn.” is one of his personal mottos, believing in the necessity for a good writer to know his subject matter in detail before putting pen to paper.

Currently, he lives in Pennsylvania, where he works for the Commonwealth’s Dept of Corrections as a staff employee at SCI Graterford in Graterford, PA.

His hobbies vary, but music and writing figure very prominently in his personal time.

Copyright © 2005 by Wallace W. Cass

Bewildering Stories bibliography

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