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Jeff Brown was raised and lives in South Carolina. He is married with two children. He writes for pleasure and has been doing it most of his life. When he is not writing he is playing with his kids. Jeff writes most anything from comedy to horror with a little bit of everything in between.

My favorite authors are Stephen King, Richard Laymon and Poppy Z. Brite. If you can get over a lot of the mundane details of King and just grab his stories, it’s a good read several times over. The way he weaves characters in and out of the plots of his stories is fun to watch as you read his stories.

My favorite story is a short story by Dan Simmons called “Iverson’s Pits.” Part of the story seems to be based on true events in Gettysburg and I love the way Simmons wrote it and incorporated General Iverson into it.

I would love to write a novel one day. One that draws you in and holds your attention. Most of the stories I write come from seeing something or hearing someone say something that strikes me as odd in a way that sends my mind racing with the idea until I start writing on it. The mundane, everyday occurences in life have given me my best story ideas. Sometimes things jump out at me like a horse running in a field or a fish at the lake, jumping in and out of the water. The one thing I enjoy doing when writing is coming up with a story out of something that nobody else noticed.

I’ve had several stories published online at a few different places. One place in particular, has published several of my stories, including “Wild Horses,” “A Bone White Hand,” and “The Woodshed.” has published “A Bum Named Hagins,” and Dark has a story called “Grin.” There are other stories on the Net, most notably “The Crimson Spider” (Dream and “Turn” (Lost

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Prose Fiction
A Wave from a Chimney part 1; part 2, part 3, part 4, part 5
The Diner and That Old Feeling Again, parts 1-3; parts 4-6;
    parts 7-9; parts 10-11
Wild Horses (in 2 parts)
One Hundred Seventy-Eight

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