The Mountains of the Eldritch Sea

by Harry Lang

A recurring nightmare gives its dreamers glimpses of the destiny of the world. This collection of short stories takes us to the mythical planet Thal, where the people of the vanishing First Faith do battle with the worshippers of the demonic Ultra-gods. Prophecies and miracles are pitted against treachery and brutality but the greatest power is found in the smallest things.

About the author

Harry Lang is a winner of the 2011 L. Ron Hubbard Presents Writers of the Future competition. By day he works as a technical designer for Boeing. He lives in Prospect Park, Pennsylvania with his beautiful wife, six brilliant kids and one not-so-brilliant cat.

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from The Mountains of the Eldritch Sea, by Harry Lang

from “The Rigger’s Report”

“’To you it is given,’ he said, pointing to starboard with his flail, its tails screaming as they flew in the gale. This salutation brought the full force of the raging elements to bear; I fell to the deck, all arms and legs wrapped around the wildly pitching railing. No sailor relies upon any strength save his own but this mountainous ocean was too much for me; I cried out to The Commander Of The Sea, appealing for His protection.

“As I raised my eyes from their attitude of prayer I saw with the vision of all the saints above, perceiving that the dry land was being devoured by the rapacious sea. A mountain of water, its summit lost in clouds and lightning sped toward the helpless craft, pulling all other waters into itself. Within the swelling mountain were all manner of ferocious beasts like the emblematic creatures of all the Lordly Houses and I saw the ancient dragon, the murderer from the beginning, arching her spiny back, swiping her bloody claws, crouching to leap upon us from the midst of this abominable host...”

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