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Bewildering Stories’
Annual Review, 2019

Year 18 of Bewildering Stories

The Mariner Awards: issues 791-837

Mariner2 launch
The launch of Mariner 2
to Venus, August 27, 1962

The Mariner Awards are named for one of the first successful interplanetary missions.

The 50 titles listed — out of 328 for the year — are the ones that the Review Board has rated most highly in 2019. They have earned Bewildering Stories’ most signal honor.

We know that all readers can cite other titles they feel belong on these lists; fair enough. Please write and tell us what else you would include and, most importantly, why. Discussions are welcome at Bewildering Stories, and we like to publish them.

Bewildering Stories was originally founded to help give new writers exposure in a field dominated by print publication. But we knew times would change, and Year 1 set a standard with a novel by a historically established author. Contributors have risen to the challenge by sending us works of high quality. And frequency of publication has made “BwS” probably the largest literary webzine on the Internet.

Submissions often run in cycles, where one genre or another predominates for a while. In the past year, poetry has tended to be either short or long. The average length of prose submissions has been gradually increasing, and flash fiction has become almost rare. The trends show every sign of continuing in the coming year.

Like the Quarterly Reviews, the Annual Review lists titles alphabetically by author and multiple titles in chronological order. The year was enlivened by thoughtful discussions. However, the Departments remain in the Quarterly Reviews and are easily accessible.

We resume regular publication with issue 838 on January 9, 2020. Meanwhile, as we like to say, “There is no story so truly Bewildering as reality.” The Crew of Bewildering Stories wishes our contributors and readers a most pleasantly Bewildering New Year!

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Charles C. Cole, Murder in New Eden


J. C. G. Goelz, Responsibilities of Being a Man


Scott Hughes, Songcaster and Little Dune
Keith O’Neill, Badlands
Gordon Sun, Right to Live
Eugène-Melchior de Vogüé, Joseph Olenin’s Coat

Short Stories

Wes Blalock, Tears for Lucifer
Ed Blundell, The Myth of the Mermaid
David Brookes, Follow the Sun Underground
Gary Clifton, Heather J. Frederick, Not That Kind of Cat Lady
Walter Giersbach, Rosamonde Calley
Channie Greenberg, Batya
Brandy Isadora, Wanderlust
Tom Sheehan, Techniques of the Blind

Flash Fiction

Edward Ahern, Late Night Snowfall
Gary Clifton, Charles C. Cole,

Poetry & Short Poetry

Edward Ahern, Bill Bowler, He Gobbled Up the Minutes
Nancy D. Bonazzoli, Homeward
Thulani E. Buthelezi, The Art of Sky Dancing
Gary Inbinder, Oonah V. Joslin, Michael Murry, A Prologue to Between the Ads


Charles C. Cole, Getting Even


Charles C. Cole, Richard LeBlond, Tea with the Grizzlies
Ellen Weisberg, From Both Sides

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Editors’ Choices, Year 1 to the present

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Jack Alcott, Grim Legion
Sam Ivey, Gilboy’s Quest
Martin Kerharo, The Dohani War
Harry Lang, The Mountains of the Eldritch Sea
Danielle L. Parker, In a Pig’s Eye
Slawomir Rapala, Aezubah, the Crimson General
Bertrand Cayzac, Floozman in Space
Michael E. Lloyd, Donna’s Men
Michael E. Lloyd, Missing Emilie
Michael E. Lloyd, Observation One
Michael E. Lloyd, Observation Two
Michael E. Lloyd, Observation Three

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Donna's Men Missing Emilie   Observation One   Observation Two   Observation Three

In a Pig's Eye   The Crimson General   Floozman in Space   Floozman dans l'espace

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