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Fourth Quarterly Review, 2010

Editors’ Choices: issues 402-412

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Short Stories
The Order of the Hot Potato
The Quarter’s Most Bewildering Issues

Selections are listed in alphabetical order by author.
Multiple titles are in chronological order.
Poetry may include prose poetry.


Cat Enos, Routine Operation
Carmen Ruggero, Coming to Terms
Anna Ruiz Richard Serio, Spill
John Stocks Chris Vaillancourt, Blood and Feathers

Short Poetry

Anna Ruiz, Memories of Willoughby
John Stocks

Flash Fiction

A. S. Andrews, Path of the Comforter
Phillip Donnelly, Future Perfect Continuous

The Quarter’s Best Issues

As a special treat, we link to the three most highly rated issues in the fourth quarter of 2010.

  1. Jupiter
  2. Saturn
  3. Uranus

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