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Bewildering Stories’
Third Quarterly Review, 2009

Editors’ Choices: issues 343-354

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Selections are listed in alphabetical order by author.
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Short Stories

Mark Bastable, Flick Book
Bob Brill, City Man, Mountain Man
Marie Chapman, Mars Is a Water Planet
Rudy Eiland, The Shirt
Bertil Falk, A Visit to World’s End
Shayne Holzman, Color My Face
Gary Inbinder, Dwight Krauss, The Long Range Forecast
D. A. Madigan, A Dish Best Served Cold
Lynn Mann, The Assassin
Brin Manoogian-O’Dell, Surmel’s Litany
Lorraine Nevin, The Water Carriers
Sue Parman, Diana Pollin, Grey Lines on White Paper
Catfish Russ, A Morsel Off the Spit
Tom Underhill, Time Trick

The Order of the Hot Potato

And now, since “Bewildering” Stories is a friend of the unconventional, here are the six most controversial works of the quarter, the ones on which the Review Editors did not reach a consensus for one reason or another.

The titles are listed in descending order with the most controversial first.

  1. Robert Vella, The Distinguished Mr. Fife
  2. Catharine Parks, Cliffhanger
  3. Arnold Hollander, Light and Dark
  4. Joseph Grant, Inside the Cage
  5. Marta T. Coppola, Because My Mouth
  6. David Brookes, Touching the Foam

The Hottest-Potato Issues of the Quarter

As a special treat, Bewildering Stories links to
the three most controversial issues of the quarter:

  1. The Öort Cloud
  2. The Kuiper Belt
  3. The Asteroid Belt

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