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Bewildering Stories

Bewildering Stories’
Second Quarterly Review: spring 2007

Editors’ Choices: issues 239-250

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Page 1: Serials, Non-Fiction, and Departments
Page 3: Short Stories, the Citation of Merit, and the Order of the Hot Potato.

Selections are listed in alphabetical order by author and in chronological order by title.

Part II : Poetry

Bill Bowler Bertil Falk, The Rocketflame’s Song
Alan Jackson, Rabbit in the Moon
Carmen Ruggero Anna Ruiz, Chrysalis
John Stocks

Short Poetry

Bill Bowler Scott Gano, Snap
Michael Lee Johnson, A Gift of Desert Sand
Mary B. McArdle Anna Ruiz, Watchtower
John Stocks, May Dreams

Part III : Flash Fiction

O. J. Anderson, Intensive Care
Harriett Fjaagesund, What Would People Think?
Pete Sierra, My Heavenly Realm Capers
Arthur Vibert, Naming Her
Gloria Watts, Boiling Point
Sarah Ann Watts, Dorian Gray: Not for Sale

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