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Bewildering Stories

Year’s End 2005

Anthology of Editors’ Choices from Issues 151-175

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Flash Fiction
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The Critics’ Corner

Everything in green is a link. Lists proceed alphabetically by author and chronologically by titles.

Katherine Allen, That Place
Byron Bailey, Latex Magic | Mummy’s Curse
Tala Bar, Minos’ Unmasquerade
Kenneth C. Goldman, God’s Servant, Jolene
Shi Kejian, Can Even the Dead See This and Forget to Weep?
Mary King, From Time to Time: Frankie’s Story
    From Time to Time: Dara’s Story | The Monster Tree
Carmen Ruggero, The Back Window
Poetry Mark Bonica, Looking for the Old Woman Who Plays Rummy
Mary King, Springtime in Siberia | Lilac House | Poltergeist
Prakash Kona, For the Indolent Reader | The Metaphysic of Color
    The Singer and Madness of the Song | In a Language not Arabic
Mary B. McArdle, Forest Fable
Darby Mitchell, There’s Been a Llama Sighted
Thomas R., Eternal Youth
Thomas D. Reynolds, Promotion | Kill Them in the Night
    Mission to Mars: Day 254 | The Brush Draggers | Sparrow Egg
Viacheslav Yatsko, Miss Christina
Christine Cartwright, Local Diner | Astral World | Down Under
    Miss Envyosity | The Neighborhood
Essays &
Kevin Ahearn, Scientists as Screenwriters
    The Peril of Teaching Science Fiction
    George Takei and Cultural Change
Tala Bar, Beauty and the Beast
    The Fight for Love and Glory in Myth and Literature
Prakash Kona, Nameless in a Faceless City
    A Dreamer of the Other World
    The Personal and the Political
    Extrapolate | Tragedy and Farce: an Unjust War
D. A. Madigan, The Fundamental Immorality of the Matrix
    S. M. Stirling’s Alternate Histories
G. David Schwartz, Shawn
Steven Utley, Psychoanalysis in America: the Violent Years
    Another Golden Opportunity Frittered Away
    Confessions of a Cinemasochist
    Alien Inamorato
    Letter to the New Editor of a Small-Town Newspaper
    Turn, Turn, Turntable
    My Greatest Accomplishment
    Make-Out City
Interviews Tala Bar | Ásgrímur Hartmannsson
The Critics’
Tala Bar, Story and Mythology
Don Webb, A High Wind in a Vacuum
    A Hail and Farewell to Katts and Dawgs
Editorials Mark Koerner, Two Monologues
Paule Libby, A Clear and Present Danger
Don Webb, Where the Action Is | Bridging the Gap
Jerry Wright, More Books | Computer Hell | Philosophies
    Cornfusion | A Variori
Challenges Around the Merry Magic-Go-Round | The Writer as Cameraman
How the Worlds Work | Greymulkin and a Submarine
What Might It Look Like? | What Do You Make of It?
From Within and Without; Poles Apart | Thermostats, Dogs and Flowers
Halloween in the Classic Style | The Primordial Challenge

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